Pu erh Mini Tea Cake

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In order to mature and preserve the best Pu-erh teas some are compressed into birds nest shapes of varying sizes, wrapped in fine tissue paper and called Tuocha. Pu Erh tea cakes have a wonderful mature, earthy flavour and aroma. Pu-erh teas are said to aid slimming by speeding up the way the body processes food. Additionally, Pu Erh is recommended as an aid to digestion following a rich, heavy meal!

Each little tea cake weighs approximately 5g and measures about 22mm across the widest part.

50g bag = 10 tea cakes 250g bag = 50 tea cakes

100g bag = 20 tea cakes 500g bag = 100 tea cakes

Use one tea cake per cup and steep for three to four minutes in just boiled water. The leaves can be re-used provided they have been thoroughly drained.