Keemun Bundle

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Enjoy a selection of our finest Keemun black teas as part of this special bundle offer and save over 10%.

Keemun (Qimen) is a famous and very popular black tea from China, usually harvested in Spring and Summer. It offers a lovely smooth flavour with delicate notes of smoke.

Each bundle contains 3 (100g) bags of:

Keemun TeaChina's contender for the best breakfast tea, although this mellow example is fine for any time of the day. It has an orange-red colour and is delightful with or without milk.

Keemun Mao FengGrown in Anhui Province, this tea is commonly known as the 'Burgundy of Tea'. The 'sparrow's tongue' leaves produce a delicious rich, bright red brew. Mellow with a delightful sweet after taste. A true connoisseur's tea.

Keemun Luxus Congou - a refined and elegant tea with a sweetish, spicy note and a slightly tart flavour. A great pleasure to drink at any time of day. Low in caffeine and tannins. 

Brewing guide:

Use 1 heaped teaspoon per cup and steep for 3 minutes in just boiled water.