About Us

We're a family business based in Yorkshire.

We established our company, Aurora, in 1997 with just a small selection of leaf teas and yixing teapots imported directly from China.  In 2000 we set up our website, sourcing teas from some of the world's most respected tea merchants - providing the highest standards in quality control, continuity and reliability.  We are a part of Brupaks UK Limited based in Rotherham and registered as Brupaks UK Limited in the UK.

Reason why we chose to sell leaf tea?   We were already selling kombucha making equipment and in order to understand the product we tried to make it.  The recipe called for leaf tea, but we couldn't find any 'good' leaf tea in 1996 so imported a few kilos from China. 

We hope everyone who buys our teas enjoys them.  We proud of what we do and love the teas that we have.

Janet and Clive Donald