Japanese Gyokuro Asahi

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Japanese Gyokuro Asahi (Precious Dew) green tea is Japan's finest grade and most highly prized tea. The topmost, tenderest leaves are hand-picked from the bush and carefully rolled when they take on the shape of pine needles. In order to reduce bitterness caused by tannin, the tea plants are covered with bamboo mats some three weeks before harvest time. This practice filters out sunlight, encouraging chlorophyll production and reducing tannin. To enjoy Gyokuro to the full, it should be infused with chlorine-free water at a temperature no higher than 70°C. This will preserve the elegant fragrance of this superior quality green tea. In Japan, Gyokuro is consumed on special occasions on its own or with high quality food.

Use 2 level teaspoons per cup and steep for 90 seconds at 60° - 70°C.