No Bitter Brew - How to Stop Green Tea Tasting Harsh

No Bitter Brew - How to Stop Green Tea Tasting Harsh

27th Jul 2021

It seems that every week scientists are discovering new benefits to drinking green tea. Evidence based research shows that this healthy beverage improves brain health, has cancer protecting properties and can lower the risk of heart disease.

It truly is a wonderful drink that keeps on giving, throughout all stages of your life. Despite this, many people find the taste is far too astringent for their palate. The simple fact is that it shouldn't taste harsh or bitter. Check out our easy guide to remedy this and even prevent green tea going wrong:

# 1 Off the Boil

The main culprit for bitter tasting green tea is when boiling water is used. The high temperature releases polyphenols too quickly resulting in a tea that tastes astringent, which is not particularly enjoyable. Most of our green teas for instance are best brewed at between 75 to 80°C.

A simple solution is to use a thermometer or alternatively set a timer for approximately 4 minutes after the kettle has boiled. Alternatively, if you are thinking of upgrading your kettle any time soon then it may be worth investing in a variable temperature model. These allow you to choose a range from 75 to 100°C, so perfect for green teas as well as oolong, white and black teas.

# 2 Timing is Everything

Steeping green tea for too long releases bitter compounds producing a cup which is difficult to drink.

Each green tea has its own recommended brewing time, so make sure you follow the instructions. However, don’t be afraid to cut this down a little - you may find that a shorter infusion time is more to your liking.

# 3 Treat Bitter with Zest

Don’t fret, it is easy to fix bitter green tea if you have used boiling water and/or steeped it for to long. Simply wait for your drink to cool and use a generous squeeze of fresh lemon juice….an easy solution and great way to add an extra bit of vitamin c in your beverage. 

#4 Mint to Be

If fresh lemon isn’t to your liking then mint can also help to remove the bitterness of green tea gone wrong. Let the tea cool down and use around 3 fresh mint leaves to every teaspoon of green tea. Remove the leaves before drinking and enjoy your improved brew.

#5 Purity of Water

It can be challenging making the perfect cup of green tea if you live in a hard water area. Additional minerals in the water, namely magnesium and calcium, prevent the tea leaves from infusing efficiently which can make your cuppa taste slightly off-putting and look cloudy.

To overcome the problem try using filtered water in your kettle or even investing in a filter kettle.  This will help to improve not only your green tea but all your hot beverages, including coffee.